Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is your store located, and what are the hours?
    We have no retail location. We are only a delivery service.

  2. Is Orlando Organics a co-op, farm, buying club or CSA?
    No. We are an organic produce delivery service and we work directly with farms and wholesalers to obtain our produce.

  3. What is your delivery area?
    For detailed delivery area information visit the Delivery Area section on our home page. It has a detailed list of where we provide service.

  4. Is everything you offer certified organic?
    All of our produce is 100% USDA Certified Organic. We work with FreshPoint Produce Distribution, Florida-based, to make sure that everything we offer our customers meets that goal. Since 2002, all organic produce sold in the US must meet stringent standards set, verified and regularly inspected by the USDA. Our bread options are all natural, but not certified organic.

  5. What is the difference between the bags?
    The bags vary in size and variety. The smallest orders are the Harvest Blend Basics and the Salad Mix. The largest is the Harvest Blend Deluxe. What's in each bag changes every week.

  6. What size bag is right for me?
    We can't answer this, as it depends on how you or your family eats. If you're a home that eats a lot of salads, juices, or is vegetarian, you'll probably need a larger order. We usually recommend starting with the Harvest Blend Regular bag and giving it a couple deliveries to decide if you want to change your order.

  7. Do I have to stay with the same order forever?
    No! You can change your order each delivery.

  8. Where does your produce come from?
    We buy locally grown produce as often as possible, taking quality, value, and variety into consideration. Because of a fairly short growing season and difficult growing conditions due to summer heat, the organic season in Florida is limited. As we are a year-round service, a large portion of our produce comes from California due to the climate. Tropical fruit comes primarily from organic farms in Central and South America, owned by American companies and all certified organic.

  9. How do your prices compare to those of the supermarkets?
    Because of lower operating costs, our prices tend to be very competitive compared to the big chain grocery stores, especially for organic items. And of course, we bring it right to your door.

  10. How fresh is your produce?
    In general the produce comes off our trucks and goes out to our customers the same day, within hours. Any leftovers at the end of the week are distributed amongst employees and donated to local food banks.

  11. Do you offer anything besides produce?
    At this moment, our non-produce options are tofu and Great Barvest bread. We do occasionally expand to offer other items.

  12. Do you offer any organic meats or grains? What about milk or butter?
    We do not offer any of these items and have no plans to in the near future.

  13. Can I customize my order?
    You can specify up to three items you don't want in your dislike list. We will attempt to replace them with some of your favorites, based on availability and equivalent value. If there are more than three items in your dislike list that are in your delivery, we will only match the first three dislikes. You can also add additional produce items to your produce bag in our add-on items section.

  14. Do you guarantee your service?
    Yes. If you're dissatisfied with any of your produce, service, or delivery, please let us know and we'll work things out for you.

  15. Is there any minimum number of deliveries I have to commit to?
    After you've signed up for a weekly or every other week delivery schedule, you can cancel the service at any time. Just let us know by your cancellation deadline, if you want to cancel.

  16. Is there a delivery fee?
    We never charge a delivery fee.

  17. Is there an annual fee?
    We charge no recurring annual or membership fee. We do charge your card a $15 one time activation fee when you are activated and added to a delivery route.

  18. Do I have to be home to receive a delivery?
    No! You know your neighborhood best, and we will leave your produce bag wherever you specify (back porch, in a cooler on the porch, etc.). We will assume you want your produce left by the front door unless you tell us otherwise.

  19. On hot days, how will you keep my produce fresh?
    We strongly recommend that our customers leave a cooler out for us with ice packs inside. Your delivery driver will transfer as many items as possible from your bag into your cooler to help keep things fresh.

  20. How large a cooler should it be?
    We generally say that if you can pick up a cooler with one hand, it's too small. We recommend a 30 or 40 quart cooler, especially if you are ordering a Deluxe bag.

  21. Do you deliver to businesses?
    We can, but please, it is up to you to make sure our driver can get to your front door and your business is available to receive deliveries. We will still bill for deliveries where our driver cannot make a drop off due to your business hours.

  22. I live outside your delivery area. Will you make an exception for me? What if I get a number of people together?
    While we don't want to say never, we very rarely make exceptions. However, feel free to email us with your address, and we can check for you. Some of our customers do live outside our delivery borders, but they leave a cooler at a friend or family member's home and pick it up on their own schedule. Of course this is perfectly fine with us.

  23. Can I pick up food at your warehouse? Or meet your driver on the road?
    Our warehouse is closed to the public for insurance reasons, sorry. We are unable to meet you for logistical reeasons.

  24. What should I do with the empty thermal bag you delivered the produce in?
    Please wash it out for us. Leave it outside at your next delivery day when we'll bring you your new delivery, and that way we do not have to bill for it.

  25. I forgot to return my bag today! Am I going to get billed for it?
    We know everyone occasionally forgets. If we realize you have more than one of our thermal bags, we will email you a reminder before your next delivery. If you again forget to return them at your next delivery, you will receive another reminder. If the second reminder is ignored and we do not receive the bags on the next delivery, you will be billed for the bags at a rate of $3.00 per bag. If you close your account and have three or more bags in your possession, you will be billed for those supplies.

  26. How do I speak to a person at Orlando Organics? Every time I call I get the voicemail!
    We're sorry, we are a small family-run business and are often out of the office, especially on our delivery days. Also, 98% of our phone calls are spam, so we rarely answer calls that do not look like private customer calls. Please leave a voicemail, which we will return as soon as we can, although it may take a couple days. Email, of course, can be returned after business hours and if you just have a question that can be answered that way, it's your best bet.

  27. Should I call you if I need to skip a delivery?
    Please don't. All account changes must be made through the web site. We will not accept change requests made in email or voicemail. That protects you as well as us, so you can be sure any requested changes have been processed.

  28. What are my deadlines for updating my account or changing a delivery?
    Your change deadline is SUNDAY AT NOON for each week's deliveries. Remember, all changes must be made through the web site.

  29. How do I cancel a delivery?
    You can cancel a single delivery or your entire service at any time provided you update your account by your cancellation deadline. Please remember that cancellations, as with any account changes, must be made through the web site.

  30. I forgot I had a delivery today. I don't want it. Can I still cancel it?
    We're sorry, but it is the customer's responsibility to keep their account updated. We don't want to waste food, so please remember to keep track of your account. We cannot accept any changes after our deadline.

  31. I live in a gated community. Can I still get deliveries?
    Yes, but it is imperative that you take any steps necessary so we can get to your door. If there is a security guard, it is your responsibility to make sure he/she will let Orlando Organics enter your subdivision. If there is an automated gate, you must let us know what the gate code or dial code is for us to get in. (We strongly suggest not just assuming the driver can "follow someone in.") If we can't get to your door, we will still bill for the delivery. So please make sure you take care of this.

  32. I live in an apartment building. Can I still get deliveries?
    Yes, but please note that if we are delivering to a location that is not a private home, it is your responsibility to make sure that you receive your delivery after we make it. Deliveries left in front of apartment doors, for example, are considered to be completed deliveries if we have been instructed to leave your deliveries as such. And please make sure that we can get into your building if there is an automated gate or security guard.

  33. Can you please leave my delivery with the leasing office?
    If your office accepts deliveries, it's fine with us. But make sure you are aware of their policies.

  34. Can you please deliver to my house on [blank]? That's the best day for me?
    Unfortunately, we can not adjust our delivery days for specific areas.

  35. What time of the day will the delivery be made?
    Due to the variances caused by packing, weather, traffic, and other situations, we cannot promise to make deliveries at any specific time.

  36. Hey, the web site said we were getting [blank] and I didn't get it?
    Sometimes we are forced to make substitutions based on availability and quality issues. The web site is a good guide to what's coming, but we caution our customers it may not always be 100% accurate.

  37. I'm tired of receiving (produce item) in my produce bag, what should I do?
    If you do not want to receive a particular produce item, you can add it to your dislikes. You can update this list as often as you want, as long as it is before deadline for a particular week.

  38. I received a bad produce item/I am missing a produce item, what now?
    Due to the nature of the service, occasionally a bad item might slip by us, or we might miss an item when packing your bag. Other produce items, like corn, avocados or mangoes, might appear to be in good shape when the exterior is inspected, but when husked or cut open the inside might be in rough shape. We only intend to distribute produce that you can use. If you receive any produce that you are not happy with, or you are missing an item, just let us know, and we'll get you some extras at your next delivery.

  39. I used to be a customer and would like to resume deliveries. How do I do that?
    If you received a delivery in the past year, you may be able to simply resume deliveries by setting your account status to Active. If your account has been closed due to going a year without a delivery, then yes, you will need to sign up as a new customer again.

  40. What methods of payment do you accept?
    We accept American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard credit/debit cards.

  41. I just got a new credit card, or need to change the credit card number on my account. Can I do that online?
    Yes, just log into your account and you can edit your billing info online.

  42. I don't have a credit card. Can I still sign up for deliveries?
    We require either a credit or debit card before we activate an account.

  43. Can I still pay by cash or check?
    Sure. Just make sure the driver gets payment at time of delivery. Otherwise we will bill your credit card that day.

  44. What happens if my check bounces?
    We impose a $15 fee on all returned checks. We will contact you immediately and inform you of the problem and attempt to run your credit card to cover the cost of the delivery plus the additional fee.

  45. When do you bill me for my delivery?
    We charge all of our customers' credit cards the evening of delivery. You should receive an email from our merchant processor confirming the charge. The charge can take 1-3 business days to show up on your personal statement depending on your bank.

  46. How do I see the item listing for my delivery charge? I'm not sure why the total is [blank]?
    Up until Thursday at 11:59pm you can see your current week's invoice total as soon as you log in to the member's area. If you are interested in looking at a previous week's delivery, look at the "Order History" option.

  47. What happens if my credit card is declined?
    If your credit card is declined, we will send you an email notifying you of this. Please log into your account as soon as possible to update your billing information so that we may collect payment. We can not make any deliveries if you have an outstanding invoice, so we may place your account on hold if we cannot get a valid charge within five days. We do not charge any administrative fee for a declined card at this time.

  48. I ordered some extra produce or grocery items, but it didn't come in?
    Sometimes, due to availability or quality issues we can not fulfill extra produce or grocery offers. When this happens we will remove the item from your invoice.

  49. Can I get just some add-on produce, or just some groceries?
    In order to receive a delivery, you must receive at least one of our primary six produce bags. Deliveries of only produce add-ons or groceries will be cancelled unless they accompany a primary produce bag.

  50. Do you share your customer info with anyone? I don't want to be spammed!
    We hate spam. Trust us. Your privacy is important to us. When you sign up for produce deliveries from Orlando Organics, we ask that you provide us with your email address. We do not share this information with outside parties at all, except to provide you with a receipt for any credit card transactions.